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In vain

Contact with the works of Kawabata Yasunari, the first is from the "Izu dancer" began. "Yi" which revealed the subtle affection, actually, and my mood is quite similar -- "in my heart again". So on Kawabata, has always been a deep impression. I heard that his "Snow", is also a matter of very early. Just know that it "ancient capital" and "1000 crane", makes the Kawabata won Nobel prize for literature. But because of various reasons, until recently I had finished reading this article only 30000 word "snow country".MLM would be successful
"Snow country" creation, lasted for fourteen years. It takes Shimamura Mitsuji into the snow see and experience, describes the foal and leaves of the tragedy, the foal was love have nothing to do make a sightseeing tour around the house, and leaves it as in the past to take care of dying for male, and finally the leaves die, the foal. It implies that life "is in vain". The novel is not in the story plot, but with delicate, subtle, full of gentle sadness and melancholy character, the beauty and sadness with the mood expressed by readers. Should static next hearts come to appreciate slowly, or do not feel the kind of fantasy works, in vain beauty.
ShimamuraListing sources such
Shimamura from tokyo. He is young and leaves tragic witness.
He has a wife and children, but have nothing to do all day. About because of disappointment in life, be cynical to yourself. "In order to reclaim lost faith", he traveled, mountain climbing, to seek a protective color.
In a limited time with the Colts contact, Shimamura think, all the foal did, such as the metropolis of longing, from fifteen six years old start a diary, in the face of the gorge alone to practice, so that his love, nothing is in vain. His attachment to be light, between them the love, happiness is like a beautiful dream. The dream will eventually wake up, he will eventually have to leave. He came here looking for her just to stave off loneliness, though the foal of different -- woman is not casual, or islands that pure, worthy of sympathy, pity for women. So the only line of snow after two times.Management Systems
Shimamura seems, leaves of affection is a vain man. A beautiful and refined girl, from first to last guardian has no hope of a patient, and for what.
The foal is a spoony woman, but he did not give her too much, even if later leaves for him the foal, he also incapable of action, he does not belong to the snow, he should be back to Tokyo. Last night he and foal in the snow to see Komako figure above, dazzling the Milky way, it is the beauty of be struck with fright. With the leaves died after falling off a building on fire, the foal embrace leaves body mad rush to see that all over the sky stars, Shimamura suddenly drop down towards the heart.愛を軽視されない
Unreal thereby cease abruptly see Shimamura, seemed to wake up come, all disappear in smoke.
This is not the foal of Geisha, a geisha. She had been sold to Tokyo, after being redeemed to hot springs, because the son of master -- male after long illness, in order to give him medical treatment, but when a geisha.The grass as strong as
The foal is not a casual person, although she first with the islands have skin dear. She does not have a look around and her five years people have what, but willing to lie in the arms of Ren Dao Cun Shimamura touch of her warm chest.
The foal of purity, "and delicate the clock", be infatuated to be passionately devoted, shimamura. She piped up with a sincere heart call sweetheart in the corridor; she will be in the company after a drunken into Shimamura's arms, write too many to count in the palm of his hand on his name; she will because of Shimamura inadvertently said invite her bird's words and give up the sick the master, in a world of ice and snow all the way back in hot springs village to wait for him; she would put all your own, as long as the Dao Cun, ask, all her answer; she would take time off two times a day to see Shimamura in time such unusual seven points at three in the morning, but also through a narrow bamboo forest trails, climb a steep slope; she doesn't blame Shimamura's fickle, Shimamura often unexpected in days. Perhaps, only women only know how to love a person.